Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stop and Smell the Roses

My kindergartener and second-grader hop, hop, hop up the bus steps, take their seats and wave furiously through the window. My son flashes those irresistible dimples. My daughter's ponytails bounce up and down. 

There are only a handful of days left of hop, hop, hopping up those bus steps. School ends this Friday.

I put my 2-year-old in the bike trailer and head out to Lake Harriet. Although I am truly excited about the summer, I admit that a level of anxiety starts to set in. During our ride, my head starts to clutter. The sound of birds chirping gets replaced by a flurry of highlighter and scribble marking our family summer calendar. 

As of June 10th, life around the Dewing house will become a whirlwind of activity: baseball practices, swim practices, soccer games, camps, my work schedule...the list goes on. Getting everyone where they need to be will be an art form. Many miles will tick up on my trusty minivan odometer, those smooth-sliding doors opening and closing each day innumerable times. 

I am Driver. I am Equipment Manager. I am Cheerleader. I am Playdate Coordinator. I am Calendar Chief. I am Lunch Packer. I am Kiddy Pool Life Guard. I am Hugger. I am Chef. I am Nose Wiper. I am Potty Trainer. I am...TERRIFIED!

But just as my head is clouding up with too much worry, I am sent a message! I look up and spot the "Rose Garden" sign near the lake. My panic melts and I know just what I need to do: STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. 

So, I have promised myself not to let the everyday summer stresses of coordinating schedules, driving everywhere, locating missing shin guards, cleaning up pee-pee pants, etc. get to me. And, when I'm yelling, "Hey kids, let's get in the van, we're late!" I vow to remember the message I was just sent. 

I will think of those roses. And I will smell them. And I will smile. 

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