"Edina may not have been Edina without the little red flour mill on Minnehaha Creek" (Edina Historical Society). 

Built in 1857, Edina’s mill was more than a wheel of industry. The mill became the community gathering place--the news center and the heart of social life.  All roads led to the mill. A schoolhouse, a church, a blacksmith shop, post office and Grange hall soon followed.

Edina Public Schools would not be Edina Public Schools without the power generated by its exceptionally engaged community.

Launched in April 2011, The Mill blog is a gathering place for personal, memorable stories about everyday life in Edina Public Schools.

Are we just milling around? Nose to the grindstone? Being put through the mill? Is it a rumor mill? A tread mill? Grist to the mill? Never run of the mill! Learn more every week in posts written by a variety of community members.

Read about the history of the Edina Mill in this summer 2001 issue of About Town and on the City of Edina website.

photo credit: Edina Historical Society