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Contributor Profiles

Stacy Abena Stacy Abena
A Hornet herself, Stacy has four children ages 14, 11, 9, and 4, who attend Valley View, Normandale, and the Edina Family Center.  After some years in the middle school classroom, she is now at home, at least theoretically, and enjoys spending time with her family, in her garden, knitting, canoeing the BWCA, at church and school meetings, and finding new ways to manage matter and time. 
Kristin Codding Kristin Codding
Kristin Codding is a wife and Mother to three boys.  She is a retired wine sales exec, amateur gardener, tireless traveler, and aspiring home cook.  You can read more of Kristin's tales about town in Edina on her blog,
Laura Davis Laura Davis
Laura Davis is a single mother by choice and will tell you it's rewarding, but not easy. She has a son, Alex (often like three kids on one), soon to begin at Edina High School. She's on hiatus from full-time lawyering and is a tireless political, school and community volunteer. Laura enjoys books, roses, courtroom dramas, and creating new useful things out of old stuff. She currently works at a variety of random part-time jobs, none of which really make any sense. Her future plans include retiring to a small hot pink house on Isla Mujeres where she can grow basil year round.
Chris Deets Chris Deets
Chris Deets has one beautiful wife at 3M, two precious children at Normandale, one precocious toddler at a Montessori, and a crazy dog at home.  In his spare time (of which there isn't much) he is a marketing director for a start-up technology company in Minneapolis.
Jennifer Dewing Jennifer Dewing
Jennifer Dewing is a... Mother of 3. Wife of 1. Children's Book Author. Loft Literary Center Member. Notre Dame Alum. Kellogg Alum. Edina Ed Fund Volunteer. Art Masterpiece Teacher. Doer of Many Miscellaneous Things.
Check out Jen's website at
Liz Abt Ellenberger Liz Abt Ellenberger
Liz Abt Ellenberger is a mom of 5, who loves tea and algebra.
Cheryl Gunness Cheryl Gunness
Cheryl Gunness likes libraries and archives, growing food, luxurious yarns, focused school and community volunteer projects, music, tulips, drying laundry outside on the line, her husband, and her two boys (9 and 12), who attend Highlands and South View.
Tara Gupta
Tara Gupta is a senior at Edina High School. Tara is founder and president of an international service organization that promotes soccer among underprivileged and minority youth, Seva Football (, and captain of Edina's Speech and Debate teams. She is a dedicated soccer player, hip hop dancer, and student rep of the Edina Education Fund Board.
Liz Heinecke Liz Heinecke
When I'm not busy with my three kids (5, 8, and 10), I share easy kids science projects and blog about science at, teach microbiology to nursing students at National American University, write, and sing and play electric bass in an Edina garage band called "The 952."   
Michael Hlavac Michael Hlavac
Michael Hlavac is a proud mother of two children who attend Cornelia Elementary - Lee Lee in 1st grade; and Wally in Kindergarten. Volunteering extensively in the community, she has served on the Family Center's PTO, PLC and the Cornelia PTO. She is a former Early Childhood teacher and now works part-time in various capacities  
Carol Kaemmerer
During Carol's sons' K-12 years in the Edina Public Schools, she was an avid classroom and extra-curricular volunteer. (Her sons have since both graduated from college.) A freelance marketing communications professional, Carol now serves the Edina Public Schools as a member of the Communications Council. She is a past board member of the Edina Center for Adult Education and an enthusiastic participant in community education classes.
Leslie Lagerstrom Leslie Lagerstrom
As a homebody growing up in Edina, Leslie Lagerstrom's parents drew a 60-mile circle around the Twin Cities and mandated that she find a college outside of that radius. With the stark realization she was being kicked out of the nest, she applied and was accepted to Iowa State, where she met her husband, graduated, and then immediately moved back to Edina. Recently retired from a 21-year corporate marketing job, she is enjoying the opportunity to be home with her family and dreaming about what her next career adventure might be.
sarah morris Sarah Morris
Another Hornet returning to the hive, Sarah is a mom of two on hiatus after 19 years practicing law. When not shuttling kids, she enjoys running, tennis and reading.
matt rock Matt Rock
Matt Rock is a senior at Edina High School, and life long member of the Edina Public School system.. He is participates in Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Ultimate Frisbee and Marching Band. If you watch community television on Sundays you may see him as a planning commissioner for the city of Edina, otherwise he'll be doing homework. Matt's favorite cereal is frosted mini-wheats and he eats an average of 4.1 bagels per week.
Barb Rothmeier
Barb Rothmeier is a former personal shopper, a wife, and the mother of a college sophomore son and an 9th grade daughter at South View.  Past volunteer work includes Concord Site Council, EHS College and Career Center, the task force that eliminated Class Rank, and the Edina Education Fund. She currently volunteers with Free Arts Minnesota.  After being a hockey mom for 9 years, she is now a swimming mom, which means being hot instead of cold.  Barb loves to cook, travel, read, garden and enjoy all things design related.

Annie Schilling Annie Schilling
After dutifully following her husband across the country and half-way back, giving birth to a daughter on each respective West and East Coast, Annie Schilling is putting down roots in Edina.  She is a lover of all things art (except opera) and owner of Mish Mash Studio.  As a child, Annie was obsessed with "Little House on the Prairie" and uses that as her explanation of why she absolutely adores Minnesota despite her strong hatred of snow.
Alisa Skatrud Alisa Skatrud
Alisa Skatrud has two daughters at Concord Elementary School and a son who is in preschool.  The Skatrud family moved to Edina in August, 2010.
Julie Pope Steele Julie Pope Steele
I have one child in middle school and one child in elementary school.  In the olden days I was a junior and senior high English teacher, but now I help a little with the PTO, Girl Scouts, and the South View Media Center.  If I had Frequent Driver miles for hockey carpools, I could fly free to Thailand.
Julie Pope Steele Linnea Valdivia
Linnea Valdivia's life as a junior at Edina High School is very busy! Writing, art and music are huge parts of her life that are very important to her. When she's not doing homework you can find her doing some of her favorite activities like being in the high school's fall musical, Urinetown, Marching or Jazz Band, Kung Fu or, of course, book club!
Lori Yang Lori Anne Yang
Lori Anne Yang is a mother of five, writer and budding entrepreneur of her company, Mammaste®, inspirational clothing for women that remind the wearer and the world to look for the 'Divinity in the Everyday.'